‘As we get older, our priorities change’

Tom, ’68, and Rose, ’69, Carroll.

Tom Carroll:
Majors in physical education and history — 1968
Northstar Brand Development Co.

Rose Carroll:
Major in physical education, minor in health — 1969
Retired middle school teacher
Centennial, Colorado

Tom’s company, Northstar Brand Development Co., markets food specialty items. Rose enjoys substitute teaching. They began traveling extensively after Rose went into remission from stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, knowing they have to make the most of their time. The couple married in 1966 in college and didn’t receive financial assistance.

Q: Why did you create a scholarship through the UWL Foundation?
A: Rose and I decided to create a scholarship after a return visit to UWL. We learned there were very few scholarships available to incoming freshmen and because of that several deserving students who wished to attend UWL could not afford to come to this great institution. Our scholarship is not huge, but a small step for an incoming freshman.

Q: What kind of connection do you feel to the students you are giving to?
Rose and I have received wonderful letters from freshmen receiving our scholarship and it is heart warming. We hope we make a slight difference.

Q: Why would you encourage others to support funding scholarships?
A: As we get older, our priorities change. We need to continue to think how we can make a difference in people’s lives. We can give of ourselves as we do in our marriage ministry and we can give financially as we have decided to do with our small scholarship for freshman at UWL. The key is if the spirit moves you, time is a wasting.