‘Donating is my way of saying, thanks!’ 

Jenny (Sumter) Staniec, ’00.

Jenny (Sumter) Staniec

Majored in accountancy – 2000
Lead Tax Analyst – Deluxe Corp.
Oak Grove, Minnesota

Jenny Staniec received a Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship, as well as a UWL Foundation scholarship. These enabled her to worry less about finances and focus on studies. Staniec remembers the long hours of studying. “College isn’t easy, by any means,” she explains. “If I can make things a little easier financially, that’s the least I can do.”

Q: Why did you support a UWL Foundation scholarship?
A: UWL Career Services did a fantastic job arranging interviews for accountancy students. I got the internship I wanted and returned for my final semester knowing I had a job. Everyone is not that fortunate and I am very grateful for the experience. Donating is my way of saying “Thanks!” 

Q: Why would you encourage others to support scholarships?
A: I encourage others to think about what they spend on things like TV and Internet. I can’t justify spending money on those things and not giving back to my alma mater. I encourage others to look at it from that perspective. Every little bit helps. Make donating a habit and increase your contributions as your financial future becomes more stable. I work for an employer with a generous matching gift plan. To think that $500 out of my pocket becomes $1,500 for the university is rather remarkable. I urge donors to look into whether their employers offer such a program.