Inaugural Classified Staff Excellence Award presented

David Anderson is the first recipient of the newly created Classified Staff Excellence Award. For more than three decades, he has been dedicated to making UWL a better looking place, working in both custodial and in the past grounds.

Chancellor Joe Gow presents David Anderson with the first Classified Staff Excellence Award

Chancellor Joe Gow presents David Anderson with the first Classified Staff Excellence Award

“Receiving this award is certainly an honor,” says Anderson. “There are many university employees who are just as deserving.”

Anderson, the Custodial Services Program Supervisor, oversees a department of about 70 people that operates 24 hours a day in 18 campus buildings. “The work that I’ve been able to do on campus isn’t all me,” he says. “It is the people that I work with on a daily basis from all across campus, the support from my supervisors and most importantly the custodial staff.”

“Above all else, Dave has a caring attitude for his employees and wants to see them succeed,” wrote Ann Bever in Anderson’s nomination. “He knows many of his employees on a personal level and is willing to work through any challenges they may encounter so it does not affect how they perform while on the job.”

Anderson was honored in front of his peers on July 7. Chancellor Joe Gow and Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance Bob Hetzel presented him with the award.

“When I saw who the recipient was, I thought to myself: there couldn’t have been a more perfect person to be the first person honored,” said Gow at the ceremony.

The university will create an award plaque to place outside of the Chancellor’s Office to recognize Anderson and future recipients.

“I just try to put my best foot forward,” says Anderson. “That’s been my philosophy.”

Classified Excellence Breakfast 2015

Anderson was chosen from 16 employees nominated for the award, who were recognized at this year’s Classified Excellence Breakfast. Other nominees include:

Karry Auby, Vickie Baer, Vickie Bain, Mark Beckerjeck, Sheri Craig, Laurie Collison, Mary Grattan, Sue Hengel, Nancy Jones, Susanne Koehler, Rebecca Lee, Kathy McInerney, Shauna Salow, Krista Shulka, and Rebecca Viner.