Math + Art

A UWL professor’s art is recognized as the best in show. Karl Kattchee was awarded “Best photograph, painting or print” from the American Mathematical Society at the Exhibition of Mathematical Art in Seattle.

Kattchee, an associate professor of mathematics, has been creating mathematical art for about a decade. “Not everyone has thought of the relationship between math and art,” says Kattchee. “In math you’re trying to prove the truth of statements and art is the same way in some sense – once you’ve reached the finished project, you’ve achieved a statement.”

Not to settle, Kattchee is expanding this project. Another creation of his is called 10,512 Poppies, depicting all the possible diagrams, printed on 110 pages.

A special exhibit of mathematical art and other collaborations with the sciences will be on display in the Gallery at the Center for the Arts during Creative Imperatives, an annual event on campus that showcases UWL’s College of Liberal Studies.