Math meetup

UWL Foundation Small Grant brings area educators together

Nathan Warnberg loves teaching. And it’s not just his students at UWL. The assistant professor of mathematics and statistics wants to share his knowledge and passion with other educators in the area and learn and be inspired by them too.

That’s why he and fellow assistant professor Whitney Dregne started the Coulee Region Math Teacher Circle. “When teaching, we’re on an island,” explains Warnberg. “It’s not very often that we get to exchange ideas. This is a great opportunity to do just that.”

The math circle allows educators to share tips and creative ways to teach concepts, such as discovering the hidden mathematics of the family game SET.  The game is filled with opportunities to learn about logic, explain technical mathematical ideas and explore the underlying geometry.

Getting started

Despite Warnberg and Dregne’s passion for starting the group, it took him three years to get it off the ground. “The reason it took so long was basically funding,” shares Warnberg. “We couldn’t find it.”

That problem was solved thanks to the UWL Foundation Small Grants Program. It helps campus community members with research, conferences and programs, like the math teacher circle. The Small Grants Program is made possible through donations to the Foundation’s unrestricted fund mainly by alumni, local businesses, matching gifts from companies and other friends of the university.

“The grant got it running, now we keep the momentum going,” says Warnberg.