UW-L student eyes world record

Throw a couple of 45 pound weights on a bar for UW-L junior Andy Askow, and he’ll likely tell you that’s enough for a warm-up. “I’m hoping to break two world records, maybe three,” says Askow, a world-class powerlifter.

He hopes to raise the bar while representing Team USA at the Classic World’s Men’s Championships in Finland in June. Askow is ranked first in the 120+ kg class in the Junior Division.

Askow is also a member and the coach of UW-L’s recently formed Powerlifting Club. “We already had one competition in January,” says Askow. “Our 15 person team took second and we all had fun and helped each other out. We were screaming for each other during the competition and it was awesome.”

Askow intends to continue powerlifting as long as his body holds out. He also wants to get more people involved. “I love the sport of powerlifting,” says Askow. “And when you love something, you want everybody to love it.”