Student-centered leader

Buildings; Wimberly; Location; Inside; Objects; Desk; People; Faculty; Staff; Summer; July; Time/Weather; day; Type of Photography; Portrait; UWL UW-L UW-La Crosse University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; Ken Rehh Associate Dean of College of Buisness CBANew associate dean brings experience growing student leaders, fostering business outreach.

French choral performance set

FrenchChoralCalled "one of the jewels of choral music in the Lorraine region" of France, Poly-Sons will present music illustrating the variety of their repertoire.

Jazz in the Park concert series continues Aug. 7

The 42nd season of Jazz in the Park features an internationally recognized jazz vocalist and Wisconsin native, the La Crosse Jazz Orchestra, and the Coulee All-Star High School Jazz Band.

Historic donation

Activity; Research; Buildings; Murphy Library; Location; Inside; Type of Photography; Icon; UWL UW-L UW-La Crosse University of Wisconsin-La CrosseUWL student uncovers untold local history, builds UWL’s historic archive.