Remember to vote Tuesday, Nov. 6

Collage of presidential candidates.Your vote counts. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, vote for:

  • U.S. — President and Vice President, U.S. Senator, Representative in Congress
  • Wisconsin — State Senator, Representative to the Assembly, District Attorney
  • La Crosse County — Clerk, Treasurer, Register of Deeds
  • And on the referenda — Town of Shelby, La Crosse School District, WTC District

For complete, unbiased and accurate information about many critical election-related topics, go to Murphy Library’s Voting Resources page at

The page provides access to information such as:

  • Information about candidates who will be on the ballot
  • La Crosse Tribune articles about candidates and issues
  • Official county, state and national party websites
  • Online look up of registration and polling place by entering your name or address
  • Maps of registration and polling place locations
  • Sample ballots