Safety training

University staff members practice chest compressions as part of their CPR and AED training in July.

With the addition to Automatic External Defibrillators to nearly every campus building, employees are getting familiar with how to use them.

Officer Dave Pehl led a class of about a dozen university staff members in CPR and AED training. The UWL Police Department and University Staff Council organized the training.

UWL Police Officer Dave Pehl demonstrates how an AED machine works to the class of university staff members.

“UWL made a significant investment in having these AEDs across campus and we think it is essential people are able to use them,” says Brandon Harris, University Staff Council Chair and co-organizer of the training. “Having the person in the office next to you know how to use it makes this campus a safer place.”

AEDs have helped save five lives at UWL in the last 15 years. More training sessions will be scheduled. Those will be open to the rest of campus and community members.

“We’re all expected to be able to use the AEDs,” says Harris. “They’re user-friendly, but making sure everyone has the courage to pull the AEDs off the wall is important.”