Six tips to become a stronger leader

During a Global Leadership Summit seminar, UWL student Patrick Dixon creates a picture that aims to capture the story of “all that I am and who/what/where I want to be in the future” using only drawings.

Students glean insights from worldwide summit

Six UWL students attended the Beta Gamma Sigma Global Leadership Summit Nov. 2-5 in Orlando, Florida. They networked with top business students from around the world and listened to insights from thought leaders. They brought back ideas on how to strengthen their leadership skills. Here they share their top tips.

  1. Listen and accept new ideas. Leading is all about being willing to actively listen, to guide and to provide support for others when needed. It is also about being open and willing to accept new ideas that you might not perceive as right. In order to guide others, you must be able to lead yourself first because only when you fully understand how to put yourself in the right direction will you understand how to effectively treat others the way you would want to be treated. – Jeremy Miller
  2. Focus on strengths. Know your strengths and capitalize on those instead of focusing on improving your weaknesses. If every person has a few qualities that they are really good at, we can work as a team and accomplish amazing things. – Amanda Nelson
  3. Find mentors. Have multiple, quality mentors in your life. These people will serve as guides for you and help you to grow professionally in your career and in life. – Sara Vesel
  4. Reflect. Take time to reflect on where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go in the future. You cannot expect to guide others if you do not have a plan of your own to follow first. – Reed Powell
  5. Learn from leaders. Find the leaders all around you who you respect and admire, and learn from them. Also, take advantage of opportunities in front of you. Opportunities build experience, and experience makes you a better leader. – Patrick Dixon
  6. Use past experience. To be a great leader, you must first learn to lead yourself, learn from the past, and use it to excel in the future. – Sydney Schemenauer


UWL participants in the Global Leadership Summit, from left, Reed Powell, Jeremy Miller, Amanda Nelson, Sara Vesel, Sydney Schemenauer and Patrick Dixon. All are members of UWL’s Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, a national honor society for students in business and management. Membership is the highest scholastic honor that a student in a school of business or management can achieve. Membership, by invitation, is open to juniors in the top seven percent; seniors in the top ten percent and graduate students in the top twenty percent.

During the summit students participate in a series of leadership sessions building up to an intensive team competition. During the competition, 35 teams of business students collaborated and provided a solution to a complex business scenario. After presenting to a panel of judges, five category winning teams showcased their business solutions to the full group of summit attendees. Three out of the five finalist teams had a UWL student member. UWL students on winning teams included: Sara Vesel, Patrick Dixon and Amanda Nelson. Nelson, pictured fifth from left, was on the team named the overall winner. Winning teams were selected based on innovative and creative solutions for their assigned business case and effectiveness of their presentation.