2013 Provost Teaching Excellence Award winners

UW-La Crosse students submitted about 200 nominations for the 2013 Provost Teaching Excellence Award. Students were asked to consider teachers who have: made the most difference in their UW-L experience, inspired them to learn more about a subject, caused them to reflect on their own learning, helped them develop as an individual or achieve something they would have otherwise not done. Others were nominated for consistently being an excellent communicator, stimulating and informative.

Department chairs reviewed and endorsed nominations and college deans forwarded up to six nominations to the provost’s office. College nominations were considered by a selection panel, which will include members of the Provost’s office, the Director of the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning, a student representative and others.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Robert Allen

Robert Allen

Robert Allen, Mathematics

Position: Associate professor in the Mathematics Department who teaches analysis courses, which include calculus, complex analysis and real analysis.

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1994; master’s degree in mathematics in 2006 from the University of Virginia. Also, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 2003 and doctoral degree in mathematics in 2009 from George Mason University. Started at UW-L after graduating with a doctoral degree.

Favorite part of teaching: Showing students how useful mathematics can be — “especially in surviving zombie outbreaks.” (Allen talks about zombie outbreaks in Calculus 1 to demonstrate a way to use the math to predict
the spread of a disease through a population.)

Suzanne Anglehart

Suzanne Anglehart

Suzanne Anglehart, Microbiology

Position: Senior lecturer in the Department of Microbiology who teaches general education microbiology courses and introductory microbiology labs.

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a Master of Education-Professional Development from UW-L. Started teaching at UW-L in 1997. Previously taught at Aquinas High School and in England and Turkey.

Favorite part of teaching: The students and the way they interact with the content she loves.



Nicholas Bakken

Nicholas Bakken

Nicholas Bakken, Sociology & Archeology

Position: Assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Archaeology who teaches The Social World, Corrections and Penology, Criminal Justice, Sociopharmacology, and Methods of Sociological Research II.

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in 2004 from UW-L and a master’s in 2006 and doctoral degree in 2009 from the University of Delaware. Started teaching at UW-L in 2009.

Favorite part of teaching: Getting to know and working with such curious and thought-provoking students.


Curtis Czerwinski

Curtis Czerwinski

Curtis Czerwinski, Chemistry

Position: Professor in the Department of Chemistry who teaches lecture and laboratory courses in general chemistry and organic chemistry, and has recently developed and taught an upper-level elective course in advanced organic chemistry.

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in chemistry at UW-Stevens Point and a doctorate in organic chemistry from UW-Madison. After a year of post-doctoral research at Colorado State University and a two-year lectureship at the University of Wyoming, began a tenure-track position in Chemistry at UW-L in 1999. Promoted to full professor in 2012.

Favorite part of teaching: Interacting with students in large lecture halls, using simple analogies and demonstrations to help students
see how complex chemical phenomena can
be related to everyday life.

Vivek Pande

Vivek Pande

Vivek Pande, Accountancy

Position: Assistant professor who teaches U.S. and international business law and ethics to undergraduate and MBA students.

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia, and a law degree with honors from UW-Madison. Came to UW-L in 2011 after working as a corporate lawyer at O’Melveny & Myers in Los Angeles, and teaching business law at Koç University in Istanbul for a collective 12 years.

Favorite part of teaching: Trying to help students achieve their personal and professional goals.

Kelly Sultzbach

Kelly Sultzbach

Kelly Sultzbach, English

Position: Assistant professor in the English Department who teaches a range of introductory and advanced courses in English.

Experiene: Has a law degree. Completed a doctoral degree in 20th century British literature and environmental literature at the University of Oregon after deciding to leave her position as an attorney at Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC in Cincinnati to pursue university-level teaching.

Favorite part of teaching: Sultzbach’s favorite days in the classroom are days when all of the difficult reading and thinking students have begun to understand and assimilate become the springboard for their own defensible interpretations: “Ideas flash, catch fire, debates emerge, and reading the poem
becomes a power to unlock questions about
beauty, science, or ethics,” she explains.