A welcome assist

UWL Director of Admissions, Corey Sjoquist welcomes incoming new students to the university’s first virtual orientation and registration — START — June 15. But moving online didn’t mean the new students found it impersonal. In fact, in some ways it was even more personal than face-to-face. Sjoquist is among the more than 315 college admissions officials signing a collective statement offering encouragement and additional assistance to those applying during the coronavirus pandemic.

UW-La Crosse among those working to make college admission easier during pandemic

The UW-La Crosse director of Admissions is among the more than 315 college admissions deans signing a collective statement offering encouragement and additional assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

The statement from the Making Caring Common project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education seeks to send clear messages about what college admissions officials value in students during this time — while aiming to relieve stress on students and their caregivers.

The “Care Counts in Crisis: College Admissions Deans Respond to COVID-19” provides guidance on self-care, academic work, service to others, family contributions, and extracurricular and summer activities.

UWL Director of Admissions Corey Sjoquist says while applying to college is an exciting step, this year the process has a few distractions. Sjoquist says it’s important that prospective students know there are many individuals who can assist them, including high school counselors and university admissions offices. 

“This statement reinforces that we acknowledge things have been and will be different and emphasizes the value of self-care, balance, meaningful learning and care for others,” he explains.

Students and parents have many questions about what college admissions officers are expecting during the pandemic, with much misinformation out there, says Sjoquist. The statement seeks to answer those questions, dispel misinformation, and affirm commitment to meaningful learning, equity along with care for oneself and others.

Sjoquist expects the application process at UWL and colleges throughout the country will be unique for at least another year.

“We will continue to use a comprehensive and holistic application review process, one that provides an opportunity to recognize academic work, self-care, service and contribution to others, family contributions, and extracurricular activities,” he explains. 

Sjoquist is confident that the next class admitted to UWL will continue its tradition of being outstanding students.

“The challenges and uncertainties our future students have experienced have been unprecedented,” he says. “We know they join our campus community with that common bond and will continue to accomplish great things during their time on campus and as UWL graduates.”