Shop@UW, an e-commerce marketplace staffed and hosted by UW-Madison, is similar to e-commerce sites like that allow users to search items and return results from various suppliers. Shop@UW allows users to make more informed procurement decisions while reducing the time it takes to shop for products.

Transactions are billed to and paid directly from a department account. Users do not need to provide PCard information or submit a purchase requisition.  Users will receive a monthly transaction report after purchases are made.  This report must be reviewed and signed by the user as well as reviewed and approved by the applicable person.

Other benefits include:

  • Contracted vendors with negotiated prices.
  • 1% Staples rebate on qualifying purchases.
  • Side-by-side product and price comparison.
  • Helpful search attributes, such as CAS number, SKU, and manufacturer.
  • Simple re-ordering using "Favorites."
  • Ability to reallocate and/or use split funding on purchases prior to posting in WISDM using as PAT (Pre-Posting Allocation Tool).

If you have an account, Login to Shop@UW:

If you do not have an account, see Tab 2 which provides information on how to create an account.


Use this form to Create or Revise a Shop@UW Account.  Return the completed form to Business Services, 125 Graff Main Hall or email to:  You will receive an email from Shop@UW regarding your account, typically within five (5) business days.

For more information on account set-up or revisions, visit Shop@UW Account Management page.  


Statements are emailed mid-month for purchases made in the month prior. 

Print, review, sign and date the statement.  Obtain your supervisor’s signature.  Return signed statement to Business Services, 125 Graff Main Hall, within two (2) weeks of receipt of statement

Once a year, your statement will reflect the 1% rebate for qualifying purchases made from Staples through Shop@UW.

If you need assistance or have questions about Shop@UW, contact Shop@UW Customer Service at or 608-497-4400.

If you need assistance or have questions about UWL’s procedures, please contact John Elmer at 785.8503 or



All Shop@UW users will be required to complete an on-line Shop@UW training.  (It will take you less than 10 minutes.)   

  • Existing users had to complete the training by April 1, 2019. Users who did not complete the training by April 1 will not be able to use Shop@UW until they do so. 
  • Starting April 1, 2019, new user accounts will not be created until after the training has been completed.

The training requirement and program changes were recommended during an internal control review completed by a third party consultant.  Additional details on the program changes can be found on the Changes to Shop@UW webpage.

To complete the training, click on the following link: Shop@UW Training Login

If you need additional guidance using Shop@UW after you have completed the on-line training, please refer to the Shop@UW Training Webpage  that provides more information on the following topics:

  • Navigation Options
  • Shop
  • Searching & Filtering
  • Shopping Carts
  • Cart Checkout Process
  • History: Search Documents
  • Punch-out Sites: Using Quotes & Saving Favorites
  • Checking Order Status
  • PAT User Guides & Training
  • Shop@UW Functions: Chemicals Search

Please refer to Shop@UW FAQ for questions and answers pertaining to the following topics:

  • Shop@UW Changes
  • MD Numbers and Passwords
  • MDS Service Assessment
  • Shipping & Returns
  • Ordering & Order Status
  • Account Information: Parent/Childs Accounts and PAT (Pre-Posting Allocation Tool)
  • Understanding Unique Functions on Punch-Out Vendor Web Sites
  • Browser Help
Shop@UW Cart Overview

In order to be in compliance with federal accounting standards and guidance, your Shop@UW final cart screen displays an itemized breakdown including the total, discounts, and service assessments. Historically, specific discounts from each Shop@UW vendor funded the operational costs of the Materials Distribution Services (MDS) that supports the purchase of the products ordered through Shop@UW. These discounts are in addition to the discounts that were negotiated with each of the vendors as part of the procurement process. To provide complete transparency to Shop@UW users, UW has decided to pass these discounts along to Shop@UW customers.  A MDS Service Assessment will also be calculated to recover only the costs of the Shop@UW operation, and will be adjusted annually. 

An example of the cart view is below:

Shop@UW Main Page: