Celebrating transfer students – part 3

Abby Estabrooks, a sophomore, transferred from University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.

Pre-PA options, relationships on smaller campus attracts transfer student to UWL

National Transfer Student Week is celebrated October 21-25. With more than 1,100 transfer students enrolled at UWL, the university has a lot to celebrate.

Each day of the week a UWL student’s story will be highlighted, learning about their transfer journey and the reasons why they chose UWL’s beautiful campus, nestled in the bluffs.

This is the third story in the series.

UWL sophomore Abby Estabrooks
Major: Psychology
Minor: Biology
Hometown: Red Wing, Minnesota
Transferred from: University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.
Post-graduation plans: Emergency medicine or primary care physician assistant.

Career aspirations to become a physician assistant and the potential to form stronger relationships with professors is what drew UWL sophomore Abby Estabrooks to UWL.

“I decided that I wanted to follow the Pre-Physician Assistant track, and UWL is strongly suited to be able to help me reach my goal of becoming a physician assistant,” she says.

Estabrooks has been happy with the decision.

“I am surprised as to how much of a relationship I am able to form with my professors. I was also surprised by the amount of on campus resources there are for UWL students,” she says.

Estabrooks encourages transfer students to get involved. This has allowed her to make friends and learn about campus resources.

“Getting involved has definitely helped me the most when it came to the transition onto campus. I was able to make early connections and gain access to resources that I otherwise would not have known about,” she says. “The most beneficial to me personally, for example, was joining the Pre-PA Club. I have made friends who are going through all the difficult classes I am and we are just able to be there for each other for support. I have also gained insight as to the actual profession itself, by talking to actual PAs and PA students.”