Celebrating transfer students – part 2

Michael N. Nome, a senior, transferred from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota- Winona.

UWL is an important step to become a better world citizen, nuclear medicine technologist

National Transfer Student Week is celebrated October 21-25. With more than 1,100 transfer students enrolled at UWL, the university has a lot to celebrate.

Each day of the week a UWL student’s story will be highlighted, learning about their transfer journey and the reasons why they chose UWL’s beautiful campus, nestled in the bluffs.

This is the second story in the series.

UWL senior Michael N. Nome
Major: Nuclear Medicine Technology
Minor: Chemistry
Hometown: Enugu, Nigeria
Transferred from: Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota-Winona
Post-graduation goals: Nuclear Medicine Technologist at a healthcare facility in a rural, underserved area, and pursue a career in radiopharmaceuticals.

UWL transfer student Michael N. Nome set his sights on college to become a better citizen of the world.

UWL was the place because of its affordable, strong nuclear medicine program.

Nome encourages other transfer students to not “hide in their bubble,” but to make new connections as everyone was once a stranger. Specifically, Nome suggests building connections with faculty members in one’s field, campus organizations of interest, using all available campus resources and proactively sorting out all transferred credit.

“In all, be yourself, be open minded, go out of your comfort zones and partake in some positive off-brand activities,” he says.

Nome was surprised by several things at UWL including the lack of in session breaks, awesome textbook rental and the university’s clocktower superstitions.

Nome is grateful for the many people who have helped him make the transition to UWL: