Celebrating transfer students – part 4

Mai Yang, a junior, transferred from Metropolitan State University in St.Paul, Minnesota.

Multicultural Student Services, Student Support Services are key resources in the transfer journey

National Transfer Student Week is celebrated October 21-25. With more than 1,100 transfer students enrolled at UWL, the university has a lot to celebrate.

Each day of the week a UWL student’s story will be highlighted, learning about their transfer journey and the reasons why they chose UWL’s beautiful campus, nestled in the bluffs.

This is the fourth in a series of stories highlighting transfer students.

UWL junior Mai Yang
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Transferred from: Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota
Post-graduation goals: Software engineering

Connections is what drew transfer student and UWL junior Mai Yang to campus.

“Prior to transferring here, I came to visit the campus and made some really wonderful connections with staff members in the Office of Multicultural Student Services and Student Support Services who welcomed me in whole heartedly,” says Yang.

Starting at UWL, Yang was not aware of all of the campus resources, programs or offices available to students.

“My college career did not really kick off until TRIO Student Support Services reached out to me and helped me navigate the college system,” says Yang. “They connected me to the people who are also in the program and introduced me to the various offices and resources on campus, which I am really grateful for.”

Yang advises students to take advantage of the campus resources available to them, attend events and build relationships with students and staff who will ultimately be helpful throughout college.

Although, Yang was surprised by the lack of diversity at UWL, everyone from UWL’s Office of Multicultural Student Services and Student Support Services greatly helped with the transition to campus.

“They created a space where I am comfortable being myself,” says Yang. “I am really grateful for all that the Office of Multicultural Student Services and Student Support Services have done to make sure students like me are getting the support we need to get through our college career.”