College and COVID-19

La Crosse County shares what college students should know

COVID-19 is serious 

We know that COVID-19 is impacting older adults the most. That doesn’t mean you should take this illness lightly. Other college students (and a UW-Madison student) have documented their symptoms with this illness and they range from mild to very severe. With the virus spreading across Wisconsin, it is important to know that you can catch the virus and it can be serious.  

You play a role 

College students play a huge role in helping to keep our community safe during this time of crisis. While you may be feeling fine yourself, people without symptoms can also spread the virus. It is important to stay home and minimize your contacts with others.  

It is not safe to travel 

Gov. Tony Evers recently issued a Safer at Home order in Wisconsin. The order means that anyone living in Wisconsin is ordered to stay at their current place of residence. Only essential travel is allowed at this time. This means that you should not be traveling home to visit family or friends. It is safest for yourself and others to stay put and stay home.  

Protect yourself and others 

Stay home if you are feeling ill or if you have been exposed to someone else who is. Wash your hands. Avoid touching your face or mouth with unwashed hands. Practice social distancing — keep space between yourself and others.  

It is OK to grieve 

This is a sudden change. There are a lot of losses. It may be graduation, other events or not seeing friends as often as you used to. It is important to practice self compassion and be patient with yourself during this time.