Communication Studies kudos

Sierra Rooney, Megan Litster, Katherine Lavelle, Sarah Pember and Jennifer Kosiak

Sierra Rooney, Art; Megan Litster, Biology; Katherine Lavelle, Communication Studies; Sarah Pember, Health Education & Health Promotion; and Jennifer Kosiak, Mathematics & Statistics; presented "Where Do We Go From Here?" at OPID Spring Conference on Teaching on Friday, April 16 online. Invited to be featured roundtable presentation.

Submitted on: April 16

Ashley Edwards

Ashley Edwards, Communication Studies, authored the chapter "From TED Talks to TikTok: Teaching Digital Communication to Match Student Skills with Employer Desires" in Basic Communication Course Annual published on Jan. 25 by University of Dayton.

Submitted on: Mar. 5

Ashley Edwards

Ashley Edwards, Communication Studies, authored the article "Food for thought: An exercise in third-culture building" in Communication Teacher published on Dec. 29, 2020 by Taylor-Francis.

Submitted on: Feb. 26

Katherine Lavelle

Katherine Lavelle, Communication Studies, authored the chapter "Striking a middle ground: A Neocolonialist analysis of the NCAA's mascot ban" in Communication and Contradiction in the NCAA: An Unlevel Playing Field and was accepted for publication by Peter Lang.

Submitted on: Feb. 26

Dena Huisman

Dena Huisman, Communication Studies, authored the article "I Am This Widow: Social Support in Friendship After the Loss of a Spouse in Mid-Life" in Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying published on Sept. 26 by Sage. This study was published with co-author Allison Lemke, a 2019 UWL graduate with a major in psychology and a minor in communication studies. She was an amazing colleague in this writing process.

Submitted on: Dec. 4, 2020