Don’t just think — feel

Veerasamy on stage with microphone giving a TED Talk

Suthakaran Veerasamy, UWL assistant professor of psychology, gave a TEDxUWLa Crosse presentation in February that is now available to watch.

Psychology faculty member shares insight into importance of ‘critical feeling’ during TEDx event

What is critical feeling and how can it help you understand others?
Watch this video featuring Suthakaran Veerasamy, UWL assistant professor of psychology, during UWL’s TEDxUWLa Crosse event Thursday, Feb. 8, at the UWL Student Union.

“I believe that it is only when integrating critical thinking with critical feeling that we can truly appreciate the experiences of another human being,” says Veerasamy.

The event included presentations from five speakers and watching TED Talks videos. It also included a locally-produced video interview between Sue Hessel, writer and personal historian, and long-time social justice advocate June Kjome.

All speakers shared novel ideas with the goal of sparking deep discussion and connection around ideas related to “Chain Reaction.” Topics ranged from how to talk politics and keep friends to how to improve children’s literacy.

Other presenters included:

Dany Bicoy, UWL student, musician and poet
Tim Dale, UWL associate professor, Political Science Public Administration
Tom Volk, UWL professor, Biology
Dawn Wacek, youth services manager, La Crosse Public Library