Get a charge out of this

Students sit at the new solar panel charging station table.

Students charge their phones at a new campus solar-powered station while meeting up with friends.

New tables for use at Student Union

Students will get a charge out of a new solar station outside the Student Union.

The new outdoor, high-rise table has 10 USB plugs and three electrical outlets for students and others to use and recharge phones, computers and other personal devices. Energy is generated by a large solar panel above the table.

“I expect people will just plug in and get a charge as they are visiting friends,” says Larry Ringgenberg, director of University Centers. “The students I have talked to are very enthused about the table. Once the academic year begins, it will get substantial use.”

Eventually, there will be two tables placed on the patio on the south side of the building. A second one was damaged in shipping.

The tables, purchased from Pure Energy Solar, cost $5,650 each. They were funded by the UWL Sustainability Fund, the Green Fund, which has also funded projects such as the LED lights throughout the Student Union, and solar panels on Centennial Hall that heats the building’s water.