Global Cultures & Languages kudos

Virginie Cassidy

Virginie Cassidy, Global Cultures & Languages, received the award for outstanding contributions to world language education at the Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers on Nov. 7 in Zoom. Cassidy was selected by the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French as the 2020 recipient of a "Certificate of Recognition." She received a plaque to recognize her professional dedication and her leadership in French language education.

Submitted on: Nov. 12, 2020

Ashley Edwards, Margot Higgins, Hongying Xu, Grace Deason and Benjamin Golden

Ashley Edwards, Communication Studies; Margot Higgins, Environmental Studies; Hongying Xu, Global Cultures & Languages; Grace Deason, Psychology; and Benjamin Golden, Theatre Arts; received a CASSH Small Grant. They have been awarded a CASSH equity gap grant for “Effective Dissemination of the CASSH R&R Committee’s Report." The goal of this project is to disseminate information from the CASSH Recruitment & Retention Committee Report in a way that maximizes its impact on recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students in CASSH. Their grant allows them to pay an undergraduate student artist to create a series of infographics that will convey the information from the report in an interpretable and engaging manner.

Submitted on: Mar. 4, 2020

Rose Marie Brougham

Rose Marie Brougham, Global Cultures & Languages, received Alumni Achievement Award at Western Michigan University on Oct. 11, 2019 in Kalamazoo, MI. The College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University is proud to announce the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award winners and to celebrate the outstanding contributions made by these 22 influential alumni.

Submitted on: Oct. 17, 2019

Hongying Xu

Hongying Xu, Global Cultures & Languages, authored the article "The effectiveness of different modalities in facilitating grammar acquisition in flipped classrooms" in " International Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching" published on Aug. 5, 2019 by IGI Global.

Submitted on: Aug. 6, 2019

Hoang Nguyen, Virginie Cassidy, La Crosse Public Library, Alessandro Quartiroli, Ningyuan Wang and Scott Cooper

Award recipients at 54th International Banquet on April 6, 2019 in La Crosse, WI were:
  • Virginie Cassidy, Global Cultures & Languages — Burt and Norma Altman Award in University Service
  • Scott Cooper, Undergraduate Research & Creativity — W. Carl Wimberly Founders Award for International Partnerships
  • La Crosse Public Library, La Crosse Public Library — Burt and Norma Altman Award in Community Service
  • Hoang Nguyen, Accountancy, and Ningyuan Wang, Statistics, — International Student Academic Excellence/Internationalization Award
  • Alessandro Quartiroli, Psychology — Burt and Norma Altman Award in Leadership
2019 marks the 54th anniversary of the International Banquet. The UW-La Crosse International Engagement & Education (IEE) invited the La Crosse community to attend the 2019 International Banquet! The International Banquet began as a celebration and an opportunity to share the rich diversity and culture the international students & scholars bring to UW-La Crosse and the community and is now a celebration of all our international connections. The Banquet includes entertainment performed by international students/staff/faculty/community members and an internationally themed menu. W. Carl Wimberly Founder's Award for International Partnerships - This award was established to recognize an outstanding person that has contributed to the development of long-term excellence in international programming. Burt and Norma Altman Awards - Burt and Norma Altman are longtime supporters of international education. Over many years that have opened their home and hearts to UWL international students and they continue to support international initiatives for our campus. In their honor, these awards were established in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of international education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in the categories of Leadership, University Service and Community Service. The Academic Excellence/Internationalization award recognizes an outstanding international student for academic achievement and contributions to the internationalization of UWL. This award is offered to graduating, undergraduate students who have met all graduation requirements. This year’s award goes to two outstanding students who have been engaged across campus, and in the community, throughout their studies at UWL.

Submitted on: April 8, 2019