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The Eagle Help Desk is open via phone (608.785.8774), chat, and email from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, in 103 Wing Technology Center.  We also have phone, chat, and email extended student support Monday to Thursday until 6:30 p.m. and Sundays 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Last modified: 11/30/2020


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Assistance from ITS during COVID-19

Due to the current COVID-19 emergency, ITS mobilized to make significant changes in processes and procedures to accommodate the many diverse needs of our UWL faculty, staff, and students. As soon as the campus began planning a migration to a remote environment, the entire Eagle Help Desk operation and call center was reconfigured to operate remotely. All calls to the faculty/staff and student lines are now automatically routed to staff located in their homes. The entire ITS staff has been provided the capability to remotely login to the call center if call volume increased. A few ITS staff members are identified as “Essential Staff” to conduct special IT support for equipment delivery, pick up, and repair.

The Help Desk Hours remain the same, Monday-Thursday 7:30am-6:30pm and Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm. Staff do monitor Web Help Desk tickets, phone messages, and emergency communications as they are available. You may contact the Eagle Help Desk at 785-8774, e-mail at, or create at Web Help Desk ticket on-line at

ITS Accommodations for COVID-19

Academic Technology Services

  • Providing direct support for Mediasite, Cisco WebEx and Jabber
  • Account creation can be provided remotely
  • Planning continues with summer room technology classroom projects
  • Planning, logistics, and installation of equipment for Wittich continues
  • KB - Knowledge Base articles created for video conferencing and communication tools
  • Monitoring emails 24/7 regarding WebEx and Mediasite issues
  • Adobe Creative Suite software support
  • Technical support for webcam and microphone/audio setup for your virtual environment
  • Assist with help desk support

Business Management

  • Maintain ITS budget for necessary tools, software, and equipment. Monitor ongoing software maintenance and licensing for the campus.

Client Services

  • Eagle Help Desk support is provided remotely by professional staff and student consultants
  • Provide first level UWL phone and ticketing support for technology requests and troubleshooting assistance during "normal" working hours to keep faculty, staff, and students working and learning remotely.
  • Developed online software purchasing system through Web Help Desk to ensures software requests are properly vetted and approved by all necessary constituents prior to being purchased.
  • Manage cell phones purchases/returns and hotspots. Process Apple orders. Provide Faculty/Staff, who do not have Internet, adequate bandwidth/speed or do not have the ability to work remotely.
  • Process Apple orders as they arrive and give to CS staff or meet with client for delivery.
  • Provide remote help desk/second level support and on campus essential services to Faculty/Staff (as needed). Update/Create KB articles for technology and remote support.
  • Remote patching of computers and software
  • Keep endpoints secure with patching and providing software for alternative computers
  • Now provides free access to Adobe Creative Cloud to faculty, staff, students
  • Enhanced Virtual Desktop and Application offerings and deployed additional applications to students for coursework needs.
  • Provides laptops to students based on individual needs through Student Affairs.
  • Provides UWL a 24/7 KB [Knowledge Base] with technology guides and troubleshooting tips while working remotely.
  • Provide communications on services, remote processes, and cyber security through and Mail Chimp end users are updated on process and alerts.
  • Provide on-line training opportunities for faculty and staff.


  • Set up staff to use Point and Click off site. Point and Click is the electronic medical records system. Allowed medical staff to continue to function while off campus.
  • CBORD Locked down campus to all but essential personnel. Remove electronic door access to all but essential staff.
  • PeopleSoft Updates, rescheduled necessary updates to accommodate business changes.
  • Partnered with Residence Life to check out most students and relocate the few who remained on campus through StarRez.


  • VPN remote access - continued business continuity
  • Remote voice services (Jabber, Voice mail, etc), Ability to conduct phone calls and check voice mail while not in the office
  • Public Wi-Fi around stadium area to provide Internet access for the students, faculty, staff if they do not have Internet connectivity
  • Continued Network support for essential on campus workers.
  • Temporary networking in Residence halls, and provide WIFI for potential pandemic housing
  • Provide networking for HSC for pandemic

Server Administration

  • Provide support and remote services to clients and support for servers, cloud services
  • Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Google support
  • Unlock soft lockouts
  • Migrated on premise fax devices to RightFax for remote inbound fax functionality via email and network shares
  • Perceptive Content configured key end users for remote document capture and entry
  • Maintaining server/storage infrastructure to support university applications
  • Backups and restores continue
  • Assist application/PS team with server infrastructure changes and updates.
  • VDI Infrastructure management and monitoring, provided infrastructure to accommodate more desktops and virtual apps
  • Monitoring Infrastructure for issues, performance and workloads.


  • Monitor potential cyber-attacks. Communicate with Client Services to mitigate risks.
  • To keep computer technology equipment, secure and up to date.
  • Monitor hardware encryption
  • Monitor for OS versioning
  • Conduct anti-virus monitoring for compliance

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