Making a difference

Michael J. McGinley, ’82.

Michael J. McGinley

Majored in microbiology; minored in chemistry — 1982
President, Biologicals & Pharmaceuticals Heska Corp.
Fort Collins, Colorado

Michael McGinley didn’t receive any scholarships for college, but he worked as a resident assistant in Coate Hall. He says the experience instilled fundamental leadership skills that have served him throughout his personal and professional life. McGinley encourages others to support a scholarship. “Your gift will really make a difference for a deserving student,” he explains. “And you’ll have to trust me on this: it feels good!”

Q: Why did you create a scholarship through the UWL Foundation? 
A: I began to feel a real calling to give back in some way to the institution that gave me so much. As I talked to others about their undergraduate experiences at other schools, I began to realize what a special place UWL is — and what a unique experience I was afforded by going there. I wanted to help make that possible for others.  

Q: What kind of connection do you feel to the students you are giving to? 
A: The scholarship I set up is for junior or senior microbiology majors. I remember what a critical time that is. I connect with students at that stage of their undergraduate education because I remember how hard and stressful it can be striving to find a way to complete your degree, not to mention thinking about what the future, after graduation, will look like. I hope our scholarship provides a little financial security, incentive to achieve more, and room to focus on completing a degree.