New IDs coming

The Eagle ID may be used to vote in Wisconsin — but the it's only good for voting up to two years after it is issued.

Students will be issued new IDs before leaving for summer; faculty/staff should get theirs before fall semester

ID cards for UWL students, faculty and staff are getting a new look.

The new Eagle ID will replace the current HigherOne cards for on campus use beginning April 28. Returning students need to replace their IDs before they leave for summer. Faculty/staff will need to replace their IDs prior to the fall semester, when the new EagleID will be needed to access academic buildings after hours.

The change is happening because the current cards are outdated  — both in security and look. The new card features an image of the new student center, along with university wordmark and imagery, and the new name, Eagle ID. A magnetic strip on the back will still allow access to accounts for dining, Campus Cash and Maroon Dollars, as well as entrance to approved buildings.

With an issuance date and voting expiration date, the new card can also be used as an official ID for voting.

Getting a replacement ID is easy. All students, faculty and staff will need to come to 223 Cartwright Center to get a new ID.  Please bring your driver’s license or passport.

For students, a new photo will be taken and the card will be generated while you wait.

Faculty/staff will have the option to use the photo connected to their university website profile or have a new photo taken. Your ID card will be printed while you wait.

For more information, visit the EagleID Q&A at


  • Students returning in the fall need to have their new EagleID before leaving for summer.
  • Faculty/staff will need to have their new EagleID prior to the start of the fall ’16 semester.