Schedules and Info

Part of our Play Safer Initiative includes offering a no-risk purchase guarantee for all Group Fitness Memberships (semester or month). No risk means that if there is a need to close the REC and discontinue in-person classes, each member will only pay for the weeks we were open (pro-rated).  

Group Fitness Free Week is February 1 to February 6. Come and try a class for free. Registration is required.

COST  - Current members will receive special pricing

Early bird: January 18 to February 6th
Only $35 for semester

Normal Cost:
$40 per semester
$15 per month

Payment Options

At the Rec Info Counter: Credit/Debit Card, Campus Cash or Student Bill

Rec Portal: Credit/Debit Card

Student Bill Online Form: will be processed the next business day. If access is wanted immediately, please visit the online portal or go to the info counter at the Rec.  

NEW and IMPROVED Class Registration: can be booked 2 days prior to class. 


The in-person max capacity for all classes has been reduced. (18 maximum per class for cycling and 21 maximum per class for the aerobics room)

Each person gets a 10'x10' (100 square feet) personal workout space

Members must pre-register before attending a class. If you can't make it, please cancel so others can use your area.

Spring 2021 Group Fitness Schedule

7:30am Zumba & Core   Zumba & Core    
7:45am   Cycle   Cycle   
12:05pm Tabata Tabata

Cardio Sculpt Fusion

12:30pm         Cycle
2:15pm Cardio Kickboxing   Cardio Kickboxing  
3:30pm   ZUMBA & Core  HIIT it! ZUMBA & Core  
4:15pm  Cycle Cycle  Cycle Cycle  
4:45pm  HIIT it! Barre, Bells, Body Sculpt Yoga Barre, Bells, Body Sculpt   
5:30pm Cycle  Cycle Cycle  Cycle  
6:00pm Group Strength HIIT it! Group Strength Insanity  
6:45pm Cycle  Cycle Cycle Cycle  
7:15pm ZUMBA & Core  Yoga Sculpt  ZUMBA & Core Yoga Sculpt   
8:30pm Kettlebell Conditioning  Yoga Kettlebell Conditioning  Yoga


   Bootcamp: 11am
   Cycling: 12pm



This full body workout inspired by ballet, yoga, Pilates and resistance exercises will sculpt and tone your body while burning major calories.

Barre, Bells, Body Sculpt

This “BEST” of exercise class utilizes movements from Barre, Pilates, Group Strength, & Kettlebells and is designed specifically to precisely prune & tweak your muscles giving you absolute results!!

Boot camp

A mix of traditional cardio and strength exercises that is challenging but gets you results you want.

Cardio Kickbox

Jab, punch & kick your way into a tight strong body to pulsing beats!  Instructors will coach you on as you train hard and get results!

Cardio Sculpt Fusion

Turn up the heat on your workouts! Pulsing beats and moves that will help tighten and tone your body and spark your metabolism.


An intense ride that includes flats, hills and sprints followed by a sculpting ab workout. Turn up the heat on your workouts! Pulsing beats and moves that will help tighten and tone your body and spark your metabolism.

Group Strength

The name of the class says it all ~ gain overall body strength while learning the proper techniques of lifting weights in a group setting.

HIIT it!

Short of time & want to boost your metabolism & blast calories? Then this high intensity interval training class is for you! This fierce yet fun workout combines similar class types, strength moves, & core training, helping you get results & feel fabulous.


This life changing, incredible body fitness workout is the number one workout in the planet! A mixture of high intensity athletic drills and total body conditioning exercises that get you fast results.

Kettlebell Conditioning

Up for a challenge? Try our new Kettlebell class!! This class is a fusion of toning, strength and traditional cardio exercises while using a Kettlebell. Dynamic yet controlled movements are performed making it a great strength and cardio workout! If you’re in rut, pick up a Kettlebell.


Short on time but want a kick butt calorie burning workout? This high intensity workout of 20 seconds all out and 10 seconds rest will rev up your metabolism and get you results!


Stressed out? Want to improve overall body strength? Need help with flexibility? Are you anxious or feeling not yourself? This mind, body, & soul class will help reduce stress, improve strength, flexibility, posture, reduce anxiety and so much more! Sun salutations, breathing work and poses, yoga is for everyone. Whether you’re an athlete, recovering from an injury or just want to get healthier, yoga can help.

Yoga Sculpt

This hybrid class infuses yoga and sculpting movements. Designed to give you peace and calm while you tone and strengthen your body.


Groove & sweat to pulsing Latin beats followed by sizzling toning exercises