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Ticketing Information for the 2021-2022 Season

The Department of Theatre Arts will not be offering season ticket packages this year out of caution of the university having to shut down due to COVID-19.  Due to a technical issue with our new online ticketing system (AudienceView), patrons will not be able to purchase tickets online for Severe Clear or Love/Sick.  Tickets may be purchase via the phone (608-785-6696) or in person (Center for the Arts Box Office) beginning the Monday prior to opening night for each production.

Advising Requirements

Scene Shop weldingAssessment of student progress is an important part of the Theatre Arts program. A file is maintained on each student where written evaluations, self-evaluations, 260/360 records, casting and design assignments will be kept. Records of all departmental and extracurricular activities will be kept here as well.

All Theatre Arts Department majors should have a member of the Theatre Arts faculty as an advisor. If you do not currently have a departmental faculty member for an advisor, please see the Theatre Arts Chair for assignment. Double majors should also have a theatre arts advisor. Theatre minors should check with the department member for assistance in completing their requirements as well.

Each semester, all Theatre majors will have a hold placed on their registration. This hold bars students from registering for classes until you have met with your advisor. Prior to your scheduled registration time, sign up for an advising meeting with your advisor. Sign up sheets are usually posted on your advisor’s office door two weeks prior to registration. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, please stop by the Department of Theatre Arts, 154 Center for the Arts. Additional advising assistance can be found at the Academic Advising Center.

Pre-Graduation Credit Check

All Theatre majors are required to complete a credit check the semester prior to their intended graduation. Credit checks may be scheduled through the College of Liberal Studies office, 260 Morris Hall.      

End of the Year Portfolio Reviews/Auditions

Each year, theatre majors are required to present material for a portfolio (design/tech and management emphasis) or performance (performance and musical theatre emphasis) review. Faculty specializing in each specific area of emphasis conduct the yearly review. Portfolio/performance reviews are conducted as a measure of the technical and aesthetic skills used to develop professional competency and expression. The review requirements are progressive in that more advanced monologues and design work are required as the student continues through the program. Each student is given verbal feedback during the review process relating to the student’s strengths, areas of improvement, and continued expectations within the program.

To prepare for end-of-the-year reviews, students should complete the following:

  • Sign up for a review session.  Sign up sheets are posted outside the Department of Theatre Arts’ main office (154 Center for the Arts) at the end of April each year.
  • Have a prepared monologue (performance, music theatre and/or general emphasis students) or portfolio (design/tech, general and/or management emphasis students) for faculty review.  Each student should have examples of their written work, design work (i.e. costume renderings, scenic design drafts, etc.), prompt books, character analysis/journals, etc.).  See a faculty member for guidance on your year-end review.
  • An up-to-date resume for faculty review.

Freshman/Junior Year Self Assessment

The Freshman and Junior Year Self-Assessment forms are an informal appraisal of a student's view of him/herself within the theatre program and profession. The freshman self-evaluation, distributed in Foundations of Theatrical Production, is intended to assist the student in exploring the possibilities of becoming a theatre major and gaining a broad-based liberal arts education. The junior self-assessment, distributed in Theatre Studies, focuses more on the theatrical aspirations of the student and how the program is assisting them in that journey. Assessment forms will be maintained in the student's file.


Kinesis Dance 2012

Senior Exit Interview/Survey

Graduating seniors are required to complete a written senior exit survey and interview with theatre faculty and staff. The 12-question survey is a formal assessment of the program, courses, career/graduate school preparedness, multicultural and diversity exploration and suggestions for improvement.


In addition to the written questionnaire, graduating seniors also participate in an exit interview with the faculty of the department. This is an opportunity for students to give verbal feedback to the department regarding their course work, production participation and theatre program experience. Students are also asked to discuss areas within the program that they feel were most/least beneficial to them in preparation for a theatre career/graduate school. Faculty then give feedback to the student regarding his/her strengths and weaknesses and observations regarding the student's personal, professional and artistic growth and development during their participation in the program.


Alumni/Student Spotlight

Calahan Skogman Headshot

Calahan Skogman

Theatre Performance, Class of 2016
Matthias, Shadow and Bone (Netflix)




"Among the many seasons in my journey as an actor, my time spent with UWL Theatre was not only the most special, but the most important. The program offered me incredible opportunities and instilled in me a profound belief in myself as a young artist. It was there that I was fostered by my first theatrical family, and I am forever grateful."