Video: Learning by doing

Image of Gina Wade working in her lab

UWL student Gina Wade says she thinks students learn the most by doing — conducting an experiment and proving a theory to be true instead of listening to someone tell them it is true.

Science education at UWL is growing, changing and providing transformational experiences

UWL’s science building, Cowley Hall, opened in the mid 1960s. Since that time, UWL has grown, technology has boomed and faculty have embraced a more modern hands-on, minds-on approach to teaching.

Learn how UWL is providing transformational experiences in the sciences in the new laboratory building, the Prairie Springs Science Center. Also, learn why Phase II of the building is needed.

“There has been a lot of research on the best ways to teach students and the best way students will learn the material,” says Scott Cooper, UWL director of Undergraduate Research and Creativity. “The old-fashion lecture where you write notes and take exam … They’ll learn enough to get through an exam, but they won’t learn it for very long.”

This video was shared with the UW System Board of Regents during their visit to campus in December. It was then shared again at the Chancellor Joe Gow’s All-University Address Jan. 23.