Young scholars on campus July 13-17

robotics2roboticsYoung scholars in Kenny Hunt’s robotics course learned autonomous robotics by building sumo wrestling mobile robots, says Hunt, computer science. Two robots are placed on a round plywood arena, approximately 3 feet 6 inches across. The first robot to have any part touch the floor off the arena loses. Students Sam Yoshizumi and Michael Vandervennet, from left in photo left, are testing an early version of Plow King, their sumo wrestler. Student Rick Reinholdt, photo right, is building his robot.

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Student entering grades five through nine were on campus July 13-17 in UW-L’s Young Scholar program. In the week-long program, students interact with each other and with university instructors in hands-on learning experiences in UW-L labs and classrooms. Student are challenged to think creatively to solve problems and experiment with ways of accessing, interpreting and applying knowledge unique to a variety of subjects, from the arts to the sciences. Scholarships are available for financially disadvantaged students.

This year’s classes and instructors included:

* Mixed Media Painting, Linda Steine, Continuing Education in the Arts
* Mysterious Microbes, Bernadette Taylor-Winfrey, microbiology
* Hidden Messages and Media Smarts: Unveiling Real Meaning in Media, Margarita Refugia Olivas, communication studies
* Amazing Chemistry — It’s All in the Superstore, Sandra Koster, chemistry
* Fun with Physics, Robert Ragan, physics
* Amazing Body, Melissa Sprain, exercise and sports science
* Climbing Wall, UW-L Adventure Programs Staff
* Making Your Home on the Web, Saundra Solum, Information Technology
* TV Production, Patricia Turner, communication studies
* Robotics, Kenny Hunt, computer science

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